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Rev. Carla at her ordination party

Rev. Dr. Carla Ryan, a class representative and speaker at the 2017 graduation of Emerson Theological Institute

Study partners: Zoey (rear) and Casper (front) sporting their short summer haircuts

Rev. Dr. Carla & Rev. Dr. Mike Ryan

As a Minister & Teacher

Becoming a minister in the New Thought movement (Religious Science, Unity, etc.) was not part of her early life plan... but it has become the catalyst for growth, healing, and positive change that Carla's soul yearned for many years ago.

She was already a student at Regis University when she discovered the Science of Mind philosophy at a Denver church in 1993. Her husband's job transfer to Australia interrupted both academic and spiritual studies for a time, but she was able to re-enroll in both after their three-year overseas adventure and return to the States.

After receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication / Public Relations, Carla continued her studies, first toward becoming a Certified Neuromuscular Massage Therapist and Reiki Master, then as a Licensed Religious Science Practitioner. Rev. Carla received credentials as a Minister of Religious Science as well as an Interfaith Minister in 2010, and was then ordained in 2013 (during the five years of serving her first church as its senior minister).

An unexpected calling from Divine Intelligence (more like a downloaded directive!) prompted her to move to a small mountain town and to start another church. While the growing church was enthusiastic and fulfilling, the mountain elevation exacerbated a health challenge that prompted another move to lower elevations and a warmer climate. It was also during this period Rev. Carla decided to pursue her final degree.

As she had obtained previous credentials and training through Emerson Theological Institute, she returned to her ministerial studies and finally completed her formal education in 2017, earning a Doctor of Religious Studies degree, as well as receiving a Doctor of Divinity.

Her ongoing association as a student of Emerson also included several years as a member of ANTN (Affiliated New Thought Network).

Rev. Dr. Carla's willingness to question everything and examine the hard stuff of life until answers or resolutions are found have allowed her to forgive the unforgivable, love where there appears to be none, and focus on the Good that continues to manifest in her life.

Because the Science of Mind (SOM) philosophy encourages its students to explore, question, and challenge - not only SOM but all religions - Dr. Carla feels privileged to be part of the New Thought community, a volunteer with the Grand Valley Interfaith Network (GVIN), and to continually deepen her studies, which she then shares with her students. The learning never stops as long as one remains "open at the top."

NOTE: You can learn more about Dr. Carla and her other writings (novels and memoirs) by visiting: www.CarlaRyan.com.