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REMINDER about Nov. 9 meeting/brunch details.

OCT. 21, 2019 Wild Hearts Newsletter

Wild Hearts UPDATE SEPT 25, 2019 Newsletter

The Wild Hearts Club for Women of Grand Junction continues to evolve. Starting in October, several opportunities to get together will be posted here or through the newsletter link (above).

LADIES:  Check the schedule. Sign up to be on the email list (HOME page). Show up at one of the events and introduce yourself to the Wild Hearts host of the day. Or contact Dr. Carla for more information.

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BACKGROUND:  In the work by Brene' Brown, Braving the Wilderness, she writes about people having a "strong back. soft front. wild heart." in their journey of courage and vulnerability... to "stand alone and brave the criticism, fear, and hurt." She also states that while "a wild heart is not something you can always see... it is our greatest spiritual possession."

This, then is the inspiration and your invitation to a journey into the wilderness of life with other like-minded, strong women to become braver together, grow in spiritual awareness, and have fun. You are invited to participate in a women's group known as "Wild Hearts Club"  (for Grand Junction Women).

Call it a vision or a mission or a purpose, but let's start with these ideas in mind:

  • to EMPOWER the Divine Feminine in each Wild Hearts member
  • to encourage self-awareness and personal growth in one another
  • to engage in community events and encourage the personal interests of group members
  • to learn together how to be brave
  • to be creative
  • to have fun

Wild Hearts Women are encouraged to meet at least once each month with other group members for coffee, tea, book discussion, event, or an activity.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments to help us go forward, contact me at:  or  303.358.0069.

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A New Thought church takes form

An independent New Thought church will soon start holding discussion and meditation services near Clifton, CO.

Consider attending New Thought Grand Valley (NTGV) and its Sunday 10:00a.m. service, initially to be held twice each month, beginning January 5 and 19, 2020.

Visit the website for more details:

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Dr. Carla Joins GVIN Leadership

New Thought Colorado is happy to announce that Rev. Dr. Carla Ryan was recently elected as chair of the Grand Valley Interfaith Network (GVIN) for the 2019/2020 term. She follows in the footsteps of Sherry Cole who has held this position for several years.

Other officers include: aaron brachfeld michelson, Vice Chair; Joan Brighton, Treasurer; Kellene Mortensen, Secretary.

Ryan is an ordained minister of Religious Science (New Thought) and is also credentialed as an interfaith minister. She believes her interest in many faiths and her experience as a church minister will continue to provide GVIN with a welcoming atmosphere for its growing membership.

GVIN will continue its annual projects, such as two food drives for a variety of local groups (spring and fall), Interfaith Awareness Week in early August, and its well-attended “ThanksGVIN” celebration in November. GVIN will also be participating in upcoming local events to highlight its primary purpose of encouraging positive communication, collaboration, and cooperation between the faith communities of the Grand Valley.

To learn more about GVIN, visit this website:

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Emerson Theological Institute Approves Course

A new class created by Rev. Dr. Carla Ryan has been accepted by Emerson Theological Institute for their Distance Learning program. Here are the details:

"New Thought Re-Imagined" (PS 432) 3 units

Based on the book "One Simple Idea" by Mitch Horowitz

This course will penetrate your psyche, pour itself deep into your soul, and liberate your ideas. It provides a contemporary and human perspective into the history of New Thought and its founders (early philosophers), and will likely cause you to rethink how you interpret New Thought as a whole.

Here's the link to the site/page:

Explore the site to find out how to register and sign up for this self-paced, accredited course... or contact Dr. Carla if you want more information before taking it.

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